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South Sudan 180PCs All In One Solar LED Street Light In September 2017

South Sudan is located in east Africa and a landlocked country. It’s one of the world's least developed countries, due to the poor economy in this Country, it’s extreme lack of electricity, infrastructure and social welfare. So the All In One Solar LED Street Light order is a poverty alleviation in Sudan.

Based on local solar conditions, the purchasing manager offer us their requirements and design for the configuration of 40W All In One Solar LED Street Light & 7M Pole. After talking and confirming with our technical engineer, their design is reasonable, then we put into production asap. When they receive the whole All In One Solar LED Street Light and installed them, the NGO is very satisfied with the project. It provides a lot of convenience for the local people to travel in the evening. All of the people are very happy after installation.So NGO decided to invest more to help more poor place.


Order Quantity:180PCs 40W All In One Solar LED Street Light

Order Quantity:60PCs 250W Solar Panel

Order Quantity:60PCs 200AH/Terminal


Lighting time:11-12 Hrs/Night*3-4 overcast raining days (With dimming function).


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